DNA Swab Guidelines

During the November 2004  National Breed Council meeting a proposal was put forward to replace the DNA sampling via blood with a  DNA swab procedure to be carried out by Tattooists. This proposal  was accepted  by the National Council in February of 2005 and is now in force.

Guidelines for taking "swabs" by Tattooists from dogs for the purpose of DNA analysis and registration with the German Shepherd Dog Federation (GSDF) of South Africa.

1. Before collecting the sample, make sure that the animal is not chewing any food or suckling. If the animal has been eating, let it drink water, or wash its mouth with water. An animal should preferably not eat for 30 minutes before sampling..

2. Sample ONE animal at a time. Use 2 swabs to collect buccal cells from each animal. Collect cells from the inside of the cheek or gums of an animal by using a firm rub and roll action for a few seconds making sure that cells are collected onto the swab.

3. Wave the swab into the air for several seconds to air dry before inserting it back in the labeled container.

4. Two swab containers are labeled with corresponding GSD numbers. these must be allocated to the same dog and its Tattoo number written onto the label in the space provided. A further corresponding GSD label must be attached to each half of the GSDF registration form and the form completed.

5. Enclose the swabs in the corresponding forms with the elastic provided and send to the GSDF as soon as possible.

6. Swabs should not be exposed to moisture or sunlight and if not sent immediately should be stored in a refrigerator at 4 C in a sealable plastic container or bag until shipment.

7. Swabs that are sent via courier or speed services not be kept cool during shipment but must be in a sealed envelope and protected from damage. The swabs and forms must be sent to the GSDF.