Frequently asked Questions (FAQ's)

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Do I need a Website to be listed as a Breeder? You don't need your own Website. In fact you don't even need to have access to the Internet. Your kennel will have contact numbers such as telephone, cell number, fax, (E-mail and Website if available)
Some pages are displayed in a "new" screen and cover the Menu. How do I get back to the page showing the menu? These  pages are lifted out of the "frame" and are displayed over the  page you came from as a "new page". You close the window by either clicking  the "cross" in the top right corner, or you click on "Go to Website" / "Home" in the top left hand corner (if displayed). In the latter case you re-enter the Website.
How do I print a page? Many of the  generic forms such as Show entry , display a printer button. Click the button. When a full page is shown you can also click on "File" in the menu bar and select Print review. If you are happy that the page will print on one sheet of paper, go for "Print" if not go to page setup.
Removing Scroll Bars The Scrolling bars will only be displayed when the page displayed is too large for the "screen" size. The scroll bars for the menu can in many cases be "removed" by repositioning" the menu (as per item above)
You tell me you have updated the site, I still see the old page what can I do about it??


In many instances the server you connect to or your own Browser has been set up to "cache" or store the  pages you view in order to speed up Internet surfing. Every time you go back to these pages you view "cached" pages (pages stored on your PC). My updates in the GSDFSA website are ignored. You can change the settings on your PC but not those on the server you connect to. You can force the Browser to pick up the latest version by depressing the CTRl and F5 keys simultaneously (sometimes several times) to get around this pain.! When using Google chrome as a browser depress Ctrl/Shift/ delete simultaneously. Click here to read more
Many pages require Javascript to be enabled to function properly. click here to read instructions
     The Max magazine is compressed into "PDF" format. you need to have "Acrobat Reader" on your PC to "uncompress" Max. You can obtain Acrobat reader by downloading the programm. Click on "get Acrobat reader" to go to the supplier. It's for free.

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