News from the WUSV


At the request of the President, Herr Henke, an informal meeting was set up for Friday 31 August 2007 between him, the WUSV Secretary General, Mr Lux and myself to discuss the status quo of the Federation as well as the prevailing relationship between the Federation and the Kennel Union of South Africa (KUSA). Also present was Mr Chris Thompson and Sonia van Kraayenburg. At the meeting Herr Henke once again pledged the full support of the SV and the WUSV to the Federation.

As usual the World Union of German Shepherd Associations (WUSV) meeting took place after the German Sieger Show on Monday 3 September 2007.

What characterised the meeting this year was that a number of proposals were withdrawn, including a proposal that increased the membership fee of the WUSV, as well as a proposal to increase the clearance fee for SV judges, both by 50%. That the fees will increase next year is a forgone conclusion; hopefully not by 50%.

Three new members were accepted: Kenya, Egypt and Jersey.

Of special significance to South Africa was that the President, Herr Wolfgang Henke and the Secretary General, Herr Clemens Lux, once again clarified in no uncertain terms that WUSV members who had rules for a VA grading that differed from the rules specified by the WUSV, could do so as long as the VA annotation was followed by an abbreviation in brackets that indicated the country concerned, e.g. VA(SA).

In this way everybody would know that the VA grading was awarded under different rules and it was then up to the interested individual to ascertain exactly what the rules for that country were.

It was also stated that the intention was that in future the SV Breed Supervisor would be available after the meeting for delegates to ask questions and obtain advice directly.

Frikkie van Kraayenburg