Why  an Endurance test (ad)?


The German Shepherd Dog is evaluated in various disciplines such as BH (companion dog), Schutzhund, Breed Survey and in the Show ring. Endurance and  temperament are evaluated in all these tests but non will place greater demands on the inner organs, especially the heart and lungs as well on the propelling limbs than the Endurance test.

The Endurance test is designed to prove that a dog is capable of performing physical exercise of a prescribed nature without afterwards showing signs of extreme exhaustion. The exercise consists of "gaiting" at an average speed of 12 to 15  km per hour over a  distance of 20 km. An unflagging performance of this exercise bears witness to both a healthy physical condition and temperament. 

A prerequisite for entering the test is for the dog to have hips "approved" for breeding. The "A" stamp on the pedigree or in the case of dogs entered in the Working register a valid Hip certificate. The minimum age for entering is 16 months.

Dogs in the test are exposed to varying types of terrain such are tarred roads, cement, sand etc. whilst gaiting on a loose leash next to the handler on a bicycle or running.

The test comprises 4 sections.

The first stretch is 8 kms where after a break of 15 minutes is prescribed.

The second stretch is 7 kms followed by a 20 minute break.

The last stretch is 5 kms followed by an "Control work" exercise similar to the BH pattern on a loose lead or off lead.

During the resting periods the Judge will inspect the dogs for signs of exhaustion and sore feet.

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