Stud dog register on CD


With the approval of the German Shepherd Dog Federation a Stud dog register for distribution on a CD is under development by Keith Newnham. Considerable progress has been made in preparing and formatting the data . The end result will be an electronic copy of the register that can be viewed through your computer browser, such as Internet Explorer, in much the same way as you would access information on the Internet, without having to access the Internet.


The format of the register will be in two distinct parts. The first containing facts and figures based upon Federation records. See later for details. The second an advertising view aimed at promoting, through owner / breeder supplied words and pictures, current stud dogs and kennel offerings.


A fee of R200 per stud dog and advertising material has been agreed. For this you will be entitled to have up to three pictures of each dog, a picture of your kennels or kennel logo, owner/ breeder supplied wording that promote the dog(s), kennel, breeder and personal history, and any contact details that you wish to publish.


In addition to any wording provided, information from the Federation database including, breed survey remarks, show grading, working titles, hip grading and total progeny will be added to the data page for the dog(s).


There are no costs incurred by owner / breeders for publication of data obtained from the federation database, and other than the actual cost of the CD’s, all monies raised will be for the benefit of the Federation.


Used either on its own or in conjunction with the RSA bloodlines charts the CD will offer bother breeder and potential owner a wealth of information not previously readily available.


Subject to responses Keith receives he aims to have version 1 available for sale at the National Breed Show, with a new release being published biannually.


Should you wish to take part in this exciting venture Keith is requesting that interesting parties him  have the following by no later than 12th September 2005.


  • Maximum of 3 pictures per dog to be included, preferably digital. (Normal photo’s can be scanned but quality might not be as good as original or digital).
  • Owner / Breeder advertising wording, promoting dog(s) and Kennel.


The Northern Gauteng Province, under whose auspice this initiative is being run, will invoice you.


Requested information can be sent to Keith by e-mail at Alternatively you can send pictures and other documentation to PO Box 1600 PINEGOWRIE 2123. But please take into account possibly delays in our postal service.


If you have any questions you can contact Keith on 082 785 2989, or 011 781 3640 (after 18:00)


Format of the facts and figures section are


Stud dogs born before 31st December 1994.


In total 864 dogs. Information (where available within Federation records)


Dog id, Tattoo, Registration number, Date of Birth, DNA

Name, Prefix, Affix

Total Progeny

HD, Show Grading, SchH Title     

Breed Survey Term, Körkl and Breed Survey Remarks

Sire, Dam


Stud dogs born after 31t December 1994.


In total 338 Stud Dogs. Information (where available)


Dog Id, Tattoo, Registration, Date of Birth, DNA,  Proven and Profiled                 

Name, Prefix, Affix

Total Progeny, Number of Litters, Average Litter Size

HD, Show Grading, SchH Title, Breed Survey Term, Körkl, Breed Survey Remarks,

Sire, Dam

Inbreeding details


Mating records for stud dogs born after 31st December 1994.


Over 2000 records sorted by mating and resultant litter Information (where available)


Sire Tattoo, Sire, and Total progeny.          


Litter Date, Surviving Pups, Pups HD graded, and Percentage of litter HD graded


Per pup/ per litter


Pup Name, Prefix, Affix, Tattoo

Show Grading, HD Grading, SchH Grading, Breed Survey Term, Körkl, Breed Survey Remarks.


Information for each Dam used in a mating


HD, Show Grading, SchH, Breed Survey Term, Körkl, Breed Survey Remarks

Sire, Dam

Inbreeding details