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1.No litters will be accepted for registration if both sire and dam concerned have not passed the Federation's official Hip Dysplasia scheme or a Hip Dysplasia scheme which is recognised by the Federation.
2.Owners must have prospective breeding stock x-rayed well before scheduled matings to ensure that results can be processed before a mating.
3.Dog not registered with the Federation must be registered with the Federation before they are x-rayed since the tattoo number is the only form of reference and animals not registered can therefore not be identified.
4.The dog to be x-rayed must be at least 12 months old.
5.The dog may be presented to any veterinarian for the necessary x-rays. The veterinarian, not the owner, must complete form B7 and forward the completed form together with the x-ray plates directly to Prof. Roos, the official evaluator appointed by the Federation.
6.If a vet is unfamiliar with the exact prescribed procedures as originally published by Prof. Roos, the necessary information can be obtained from Prof. Roos or the administrative office of the Federation.
7.The initial cost of the x-rays is payable directly to the Veterinarian concerned and a further charge, as determined from time to time by the Council, is payable to the Federation to cover evaluation and administration costs. In the event of the official pedigree and the additional prescribed fees not having been submitted in advance, the Secretary of the Federation will notify the owners concerned and request the submission of the pedigree of the dog concerned together with relevant fees payable on receipt of the results from the official evaluator. Only when all fees have been paid will the results be forwarded to the owner. Owners are only liable for these fees should the dogs pass.
8.It is compulsory that all x-rays be submitted for evaluation by the official evaluator, even those of animals that clearly fail, as the results from a basis for progeny testing which is of vital importance to all concerned.
9.Note that passing the Hip Dysplasia scheme is only one of the requirements for breeding. Owners must ensure that all requirements described in the Breed Ordinance are met before allowing a mating to take place.
10.It is not recommended that bitches are x-rayed whilst pregnant or in season.                                           Form B7/02
Name and address of Vet_____________________________________________________________________
Prof Roos a                                                                                                                                                                            
Herewith the X-rays of a German Shepherd Dog, name______________________________________________
Tattoo no:__________________________________Sex: __________________________________________
and owned by:  ____________________________________________________________________________
GSDFSA Membership no:__________________________________
The x-rays taken according to your directives on ________/________/_______ are to be included in the German Dog
Federation of SA Hip x-ray scheme.

The tattoo number has been physically verified by the undersigned.

The Veterinarian and the owner (s) do hereby expressly and irrevocably give consent and permission to furnish all necessary and relevant information arising out of this H X-ray scheme to a duly authorised representative of the German Shepherd Dog Federation of SA should same be required for any investigation in terms of schedules of the German Shepherd Dog Federation of SA's Constitution.
Yours sincerely, 
______________________                                                         _________________________          
Signature of Veterinarian Members/Owner(s) signature


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