1.1.1 Any bona fide breeder, owner or friend of the Breed may become a member
1.1.2 A member's spouse may enroll as an ordinary member and the member's minor dependants (under the age of 18 years) may enroll as junior members under a family membership at a reduced rate.
1.1.3 Applicants for membership that are under the age of 18 years and who are not part of a family membership, may enroll as junior members at a reduced rate.
1.1.4 No discrimination against applicants for membership, or against members may be made on grounds of race, sex, color, creed or religion.
1.2.1 Corporations, legal bodies, authorities and organizations may join the federation as corporations, but must appoint one representative.
1.2.2 The various corporate representatives together form a single Corporate Committee from which a Chair- person, a Breed Supervisor and a Training Supervisor is elected
1.2.3 The Corporate Committee Chair-person shall have one vote on the Council, the Corporate Committee Training Supervisor shall have one vote on the National Training Committee and the Corporate Committee Breed Supervisor shall have on vote on the National Breed Committee
1.3.1 Members who have given special service to the German Shepherd Dog or who have served the Federation for 25 years may be awarded honorary life membership by the Council on the recommendation of the Executive Committee.
1.3.2 A member who has been a member of the Federation for at least five years may be invited by the Council to become a life member at a fee equivalent to ten times the fee for a single membership. Such invitation will be based on recommendations submitted by local Clubs via the National Administrator Each recommendation must be accompanied by a full curriculum vitae of the proposed life member.
1.3.3 Life Members are subject to all requirements of this Constitution
1.4.1 Application for new memberships and renewals of existing memberships must be submitted on the prescribed form to the National Administration who will publish all new members in the subsequent magazine
1.4.2 The act of application is binding and will oblige payment of the membership fee for the current year
1.4.3.Official Federation Club secretaries may accept membership applications on behalf of the Federation but must forward such applications to the National Administration within 14 days of having received the application
1.4.4.Acceptance of new applications for new membership application takes place, subject to 1.4 4.3 below, when accepted by the National Administration, who may refuse membership without reasons being given If application was made in terms of 1.4.3 above ,the applicant may enjoy all privileges afforded to full members within the local Club through which the application was made until such time as the applicant and the Club concerned is notified by the National Administration if it should happen that the application is refused If objections to new applications are received within 14 days of the members name having been published on the magazine, the National Administration may as its sole discretion, cancel the membership of the applicant, in which case the membership fee will be refunded. Any applicant who has had his application for membership refused in terms of 1.4.4 1 and above may lodge an appeal to the full Executive Committee for review.
1.4.5 Loss of Membership
Termination of membership follows: Death, resignation, removal from members' list or expulsion, On the day of termination of membership all rights cease, however remaining obligations e.g. outstanding payments, remain in force.
1.4.6 Resignation
 Resignation must be in writing and signed by the member and submitted to the National Administration
1.4.7 Removal
Removal from the members list Persons refusing to pay membership fees in terms of section 7 of the constitution will be removed from the membership list
A member may be expelled as a result of disciplinary action in terms of section 5 of our Constitution.
If the membership of any member within a family membership is terminated or suspended in terms of the Federationís Disciplinary rules, the entire family membership will be terminated or suspended accordingly, Individual members within the affected family membership may re-apply as individuals to be instated as ordinary members without the payment of additional fees.
1.5.1  AII members, unless otherwise stated in our Constitution, have equal rights, but no claim on the Federation's assets
1.5.2. Each fully paid up member who is over 18 years old, and unless otherwise excluded by provisions of our Constitution, has the right to vote and make recommendations, be elected or co-opted or appointed to officiate within the local Club and the Federation unless rights have been suspended in terms of section 5.
1.5.3.Each member is entitled to request assistance regarding all questions relating to breeding, training and caring for the German Shepherd Dog
1.5.4.Each member is entitled to use all institutions created by the federation. Institutions belonging to a local Club are only available to local Club members and quests invited by the local Club
1.5.5.Each member is entitled to receive a magazine
1.5.6.Employees of corporate members wishing to join a local Club or participate in Federation activities with privately owned dogs must join the Federation as ordinary members-